Cross-border Assessment 2023

Dossier 5: Public Transportation in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (student dossier)

Dossier summary

The summary of this dossier can be viewed in the overall summary of the ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2023.

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The entire dossier is available in English and Dutch.

Dossier explanation

How to improve cross-border transport between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany? Cross-border public transport is a crucial part of Euregional mobility. The question how cross-border public transportation is affected by national legislation or policies and what can be done to improve it, is the core issue of this project. Adequate public transport is an important factor in lowering the emission across Europe, several studies have shown the limitations or missing links to cross-border mobility. Within the PREMIUM project, a multidisciplinary student team will conduct a Cross-border Impact Assessment of the state of affairs of (sustainable) cross-border public transportation.