Cross-border Assessment 2023

Dossier 2: Transnational Infrastructure projects: Ambitions, sectors, instruments and effect on border regions

Dossier summary

The summary of this dossier can be viewed in the overall summary of the ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2023.

Entire dossier

The entire dossier is available in English and Dutch.

Dossier explanation

There are at the moment impressive plans for cross-border infrastructure projects crossing the borders of NL/BE/DE. In the case of hydrogen infrastructure, waterways, rail-infrastructure, there is the understanding that due to climate change ambitions and legal commitments, these type of infrastructure has to be realized in rather short time periods. Or, as in the case of the Einstein Telescope in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, spatial planning decisions, permits and subsidies need to be synchronised across borders to avoid damaging delays and shortcomings.

This dossier will examine the various projects and ambitions and the central question is aimed at uncovering the missing link: do we have the right tools to tackle this kind of cross-border challenge? And do we know which partner has the right competences across the border? Are there certain obstacles that can be detected as a common problem to the infrastructure projects mentioned? And, what are innovative instruments that could help to facilitate and accelerate big cross-border infrastructure projects?