Solving cross-border issues by thinking and acting across borders

The annual ITEM Preuvenemint Meeting was a huge success. During the well-attended event, visitors were informed about the cross-border and Euregional mobility and cooperation issues we are working on through short pitches and presentations. Across national borders and in the full scope of our current and future activities, we took the audience on board.

We also presented the selected files of the ITEM Border Impact Report 2023. This year’s report ranges from cross-border and transnational infrastructure to education and from broad prosperity in the border region to security. The Border Impact Assessment reports will be published and presented at the ▶️ ITEM Annual Conference 2023 in The Hague.

We concluded the event with drinks at the ‘Preuvenemint’ in Maastricht where the conversation continued in an informal setting.

▶️ View the selected files of the Cross-border Assessment 2023

















Foto Preuvenemint meeting 2023