Guestcolumn Auke van der Goot

European elections and border regions   It seems light years ago that our border regions were at the centre of attention. An unknown, new and highly contagious disease made its appearance. Corona or covid was in the air, and here they came: concrete blocks on the Belgian-Dutch border, German soldiers on the border with Luxembourg, […]

Foreword newsletter June 2024

  On the eve of the recent European Parliament elections, Maastricht was once again the venue for vibrant debates on the future of Europe. The Studio Europa debate and ITEM round table discussions at the EIPA building brought European politicians back to the city where the Europe of the Regions was proclaimed in 1992. This […]

Foreword newsletter May 2024

Anouk Bollen

Celebrating 10 years of expertise at ITEM: advancing cross-border cooperation A decade ago, we embarked on a journey to foster collaboration and address challenges across the inner borders of the European Union. As we mark our 10-year anniversary, we reflect on our accomplishments, milestones, and impactful contributions to cross-border cooperation and assessments. Founded with a […]

Foreword ITEM Newsletter February 2024

Anouk Bollen

2024: ITEM commits to strengthening European border regions in policy The year 2024 is an important year for border regions in several aspects. Rarely do so many elections take place in the world as in 2024, with some 70 countries sending people to the polls. On 9 June, for instance, Belgium will hold elections for […]

Opinion: Border effects assessment must be improved

Pim Mertens

Opinion: Border effects assessment must be improved A new year, new tax rules. Sugar tax is driving Dutch consumers across the border, was the gist of reports in De Limburger and others in early 2024. The measure is part of the 2023 Tax Plan and was introduced on 1 January 2024. This consumption tax on […]