Mission and vision

ITEM’s vision revolves around translating the scientific world into practice, work that is carried out around the core values of knowledge, connecting, and cooperation, which together represent ITEM’s DNA.

Multidisciplinary knowledge is the starting point, where expertise on European and Euroregional social and economic developments can improve the quality of life in the border region.

That improvement comes through connecting, when ITEM works with other social partners, also on the other side of the border, to set up a substantive research and address the issue. From that connection comes cooperation, where a result is achieved jointly, while ensuring the independence of all parties involved in the process.

With this approach, ITEM aims to tackle the issues surrounding border regions, and generate real impact in society.

Core activities

Societal border impact assessment and knowledge dissemination

Demand-driven research assignments and society-oriented research projects

Education, courses and trainings

European and national fundamental research

Research request

Do you have a structural or fundamental cross-border issue that needs scientific research? Are you interested in background information and analysis of cross-border issues?