Report on procedural, organisational and legal aspects of awarding the European degree label

FOCI report 2024 European degree label

  On March 27th, the European Commission took a significant stride forward by unveiling a comprehensive blueprint for the European degree. This blueprint sets forth the framework and guidelines for the implementation of a European degree, marking a pivotal moment for European higher education institutions and students alike. Over the past year, the FOCI project, a […]

Cross-border flood crisis management in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion

Read the final reports: ???? In Dutch ???? In French ???? In German ???? In English The flood disaster of July 2021 caused major material damage and deaths in, among others, the Meuse-Rhine Euregio (EMR), the area where EMRIC services are responsible for crisis management and disaster response. At the request of the partner organisations of the […]

International and European researchers and their access to national health insurance coverage in the Netherlands

International and European researchers and their access to national health insurance coverage in the Netherlands Nuffic (the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education) and SOFIE (Sociaal Fiscaal Internationale Expertise) have heard concerns from many universities and research institutes about the national health insurance coverage of European and international researchers and their family members in the […]

New Netherlands-Belgium tax treaty signed: some bottlenecks removed

After years of negotiations, the new tax treaty between the Netherlands and Belgium was signed on 21 June 2023 by State Secretary Van Rij, Belgian Finance Minister Van Peteghem and Flemish Finance Minister Van Diependaele. On 23 June, the text of the new treaty was made available from the Belgian side. This new treaty replaces […]

Crossquality: assessing the quality of cross-border cooperation


Crossquality is a project supported by the Interreg-EMR Fund and the European Union. Its aim is to explore the possible qualitative indicators of the Interreg programme. As there are no qualitative indicators for the evaluation of Interreg projects yet, this project is a guideline for the whole European territory. The total budget of the project […]

WP3: Studies and Legal Advice

The aim of this Work Package is to learn from the first COVID-19 outbreak via research, to strengthen euregional cooperation in the field of such major long-term crises and to explore possibilities to improve the delivery of assistance to citizens. This is achieved by: Conducting evaluative research on the response to the COVID-19 outbreak by national/federal and regional […]

Euregional Centre for Paediatric Surgery

The Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+) is working with partners at the Uniklinik Aachen, the Clinique CHC MontLégia and the CHR de la Citadelle in Liège to create a Euregional Centre for Paediatric Surgery. On this page you will find all the ins and outs regarding the initiative.  Background Paediatric surgery is a highly specialised […]

Inventory of cross-border bottlenecks North Sea Port

On 22 October 2018, the province of Zeeland and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) asked ITEM to draw up an inventory of bottlenecks that hinder North Sea Port in the cross-border port area of Ghent and Zeeland. These are bottlenecks caused by differences in laws and regulations between the countries. The […]

How Dutch cross-border workers can also benefit from unemployment benefit exports

EU Social Security Reform: Why the proposed changes in unemployment regulations are more nuanced than politicians and media suggest. In late March/early April, the media again published some disturbing reports about the planned changes to the unemployment schemes in the European Social Security Regulation and the possible abuse of Dutch benefits by foreign workers. The […]

Statute for Limburg: a legal instrument for border-specific problems

Which kind of legal instrument can offer an effective solution for the province of Limburg to better tackle border-specific legal problems? How can Limburg obtain a certain ‘mandate’ to play an active role in solving legal border obstacles? These (and other) questions are answered in the research report ‘Statute for Limburg’  which was adopted by the Provincial Executive […]