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11sep16:3018:00ITEM / HNP round table eventCross-border cooperation in a new political reality: what is the future perspective for border regions after the European elections?

ITEM-HNP round table event 2024

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After recent regional and national elections in the Netherlands (March & November 2023), Belgium (June 9 2024) and the European elections (June 6-9 2024), a new political reality has emerged on several levels; the regions, the Netherlands and Belgium, the Benelux and the European Union.

In this fourth online HNP/ITEM round table, we want to discuss and interpret the results of these elections for the position of border regions in the context of the current global and European challenges, the increase in regional disparities and the rise of right-wing parties in recent elections.

Unintended side effects are occurring or may occur at Europe’s internal borders due to a new political climate. The territorial dimension of Impact Assessments is currently still described as weak and border-specific assessment rarely takes place. Border regions are living labs of European integration. Strengthening territorial cohesion and cooperation on Europe’s internal borders is essential to meet the challenges European integration poses.

What is to be expected in the new political reality on a national level and in the European Union? What are regional representatives and other involved stakeholders planning to do in a Europe of regions? Is the European approach to regions and border regions adequate with regard to legislation and regulations?

As it becomes increasingly important to better assess territorial effects in border areas, we will discuss the role of regions in this process. Emphasis will be placed on the need for better regulation that takes into account the position of border regions and Europe’s internal borders through border impact assessment. The importance of targeted European instruments that strengthen cross-border cooperation in a sustainable way is ever increasing. We will reflect on the usefulness and necessity of Coordination Points and the importance of targeted EU instruments that stimulate and strengthen cross-border cooperation in border regions in a sustainable way.


Preliminary programme
Strengthening the perspective of border regions in policy and legislation is key during the round table, consisting of three rounds:

  • New political reality in the EU and in the region.
  • Future of cross-border cooperation and the available instruments.
  • New (cross-border) frontiers in Europe?

The event will be concluded with a journalistic reflection.

This event will be live broadcast on YouTube.

The final programme will be announced after the summer break. Please check our website & social media for any updates at the end of august.


(Woensdag) 16:30 - 18:00