Maasdal seminar

10nov13:0017:00Maasdal seminar

Maasdal seminar 2023

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We are proud to invite you to the location of ‘the historic council chamber’ (Maastricht City Hall) for a new Maas Valley seminar (in Dutch).

On this day, four leading speakers and chairman of the day from the pension world will take you through the tensions between the legally embedded open standard ‘keuzebegeleiding’ on the one hand and the pension sector’s care obligation. Questions such as to what extent does the ‘care obligation’ require more ‘activity’ from the pension provider than merely informing and providing insight in accordance with the old Pensions Act? What do the terms ‘information’ and ‘advice’ actually encompass? What legal considerations play a role here? How should a pension fund choose its position within this? Do more choices actually cause choice stress or not? Does a pension fund benefit from conducting a participant survey? How do messages land with the participant and are they relevant enough for that participant? These tensions can be traced back to the question: what is required and what is necessary?

We want to highlight these questions and discussion points with you and the speakers during this edition of the Maasdal seminar. The final programme will follow shortly. Please mark this date in your agenda and register for this event.


(Vrijdag) 13:00 - 17:00


Stadhuis Maastricht