ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2023 published  

The Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2023, compiled by the interdisciplinary team of researchers at the Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross-border cooperation and Mobility / ITEM, aims to map the effects of European and national legislation and policies on border regions. The researchers presented their dossiers in a video pitch during the Annual Conference in The […]

Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2022: Summary

Dossiers European Health Data Space – Ex-ante analysis of the cross-border effects for the Euregio Meuse-Rhine Cross-border effects of the EU proposal for a directive on platform workers (ex-ante) Energy transition and Energy Security Cross-border exchange of information in the fight against organised crime (ex-ante) Border effects of the Dutch fireworks prohibition (ex-ante) Has the […]

Cross-border Assessment 2022: Dossier 3: Energy transition and Energy security

Cross-border Assessment 2022 Dossier 3: Energy transition and Energy security The entire report is available in English and in Dutch. Dossier 3: Energietransitie en energiezekerheid Dossier 3: Energy Transition and Energy Security Martin Unfried The effects of the current legal, spatial, and economic framework on renewable cross-border projects (and crossborder cooperation in times of energy […]

Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2021: Summary

Dossiers Ex ante study on the cross- border effects of the EU’s proposed Minimum Wage Directive Impact analysis into the future of working from home for cross-border workers post-COVID-19 The effects of national Corona crisis management on cross-border crisis management in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (follow-up study) Is the EU Patients’ Rights Directive fit for providing […]

Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2020: Summary

Dossiers The impact of the Corona crisis on cross-border regions  Implementation and possible effects of the Dutch Strategy on Spatial Planning and the Environment (NOVI) from a Euregional perspective Ex-ante evaluation of the (potential) cross-border impact of the structural reinforcement programme to end coal-based power generation in Germany The (im)possibility of cross-border training budgets to […]

Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2019: Summary

Dossiers 90% rule Law on the standardisation of civil servants European Cross-Border Mechanism Governance under the new Interreg Regulation Cross-border data Nitrates Directive and manure quotas NL/DE Summaries Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2019 ▶️ In English ▶️ In Dutch Infographic (Click to download)  

Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2018: Summary

Dossiers Increase of Dutch low VAT rate: The dossier explores the potential cross-border effects of the increase of the low VAT in the Netherlands. The research focused on providing an ex ante estimation of the economic consequences of the increase. Qualifying Foreign Taxpayer Obligation (“90% rule”): Researchers aimed at examining trends over the 2013-2016 period […]

Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2017: Summary

Dossiers 1. German car toll: Research focused on the potential effects of the proposed German toll legislation. The dossier includes a survey carried out among Dutch and German drivers, and interviews with German experts from the tourism, marketing, and retail sectors. 2. Tax Treaty Netherlands-Germany: Follow-up to the ITEM cross-border impact assessment 2016 by drawing […]

Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2016: Summary

Dossiers 1a. Netherlands-Germany tax treaty – Labour: In the light of the new tax treaty between the Netherlands and Germany, which entered into force on 1 January 2016, this dossier looks at the changes the new treaty brings for frontier workers. The focus in this regard is on all the frontier workers who are crossing […]