Report on procedural, organisational and legal aspects of awarding the European degree label

FOCI report 2024 European degree label

  On March 27th, the European Commission took a significant stride forward by unveiling a comprehensive blueprint for the European degree. This blueprint sets forth the framework and guidelines for the implementation of a European degree, marking a pivotal moment for European higher education institutions and students alike. Over the past year, the FOCI project, a […]

ITEM BRIEFS 11: A European degree: promoting transnational cooperation in higher education

          While the Dutch Government focuses on limiting internationalisation in higher education (see ITEM Briefs no. 6), the EU Commission is clearly committed to building a European Education Area. On Wednesday, March 27th 2024, the European Commission published a higher education package, which consists of three initiatives aiming to foster deeper […]

WinWin4WorkLife project start

WinWin4WorkLife Project Launches to Explore and Enhance Remote Work Impacts Across Europe From February 2024, the WinWin4WorkLife project has begun, aimed at understanding and addressing the impacts of remote work arrangements across Europe – including in cross-border regions. At the heart of the WinWin4WorkLife project is a mission to enrich interdisciplinary understanding of the social, […]

Opinion: Border effects assessment must be improved

Pim Mertens

Opinion: Border effects assessment must be improved A new year, new tax rules. Sugar tax is driving Dutch consumers across the border, was the gist of reports in De Limburger and others in early 2024. The measure is part of the 2023 Tax Plan and was introduced on 1 January 2024. This consumption tax on […]