Cross-border Assessment 2022

Dossier 7: The cross-border effects of the Dutch Nitrogen policy (student dossier)

Gabor Gyenes

Eleni Kamari

Puck Slaats

Kishan Mohansingh

Valentin Rajon Bernard

In 2019, the Dutch nitrogen policy was deemed to be in conflict with European legislation by the Dutch Council of State, after a previous preliminary ruling by the Court of Justice of the EU to the same effect. In response to these assessments, the Dutch government has rolled out a mix of measures to alleviate concerns. These range from reducing the maximum speed on motorways to establishing subsidy schemes for farm modification. Because nitrogen emissions spill over across the border, in turn affecting nature, health, agriculture and industry there, this dossier assesses the border effects of the Dutch Nitrogen policy as it stands. The research has been carried out in the context of a PREMIUM-project by a multidisciplinary student team.